Welcome to Pre-Calculus (Honors)!

Pre-Calculus is a long-term project based (honors) course with a NC Final Exam (state-wide test that is 25% of final grade).

Students and parents will have to sign a Honors Contract reflecting their understanding of Honor Courses' expectations.

Students who are enrolled in this course should have received at least a 85 in Math 3 (academic) or at least passed Math 3 (honors) or passed Advanced Functions AND of course have passed Math 1 and passed Math 2.

The curriculum for this course will be using the 2003 NC Standard Course of Study.

This course will help prepare students for Calculus and will cover a variety of topics. The course is split up into two parts: Algebra and Trigonometry.

The Algebra part of this course will expand what students have already learned in Math 3 with more complicated concepts.

The Trigonometry part of this course will (somewhat) expand what students have already learned in Math 2 and introduce concepts that start Calculus.

Students will be required to use this website on regular basis for various resources in particular to complete the course's long-term based project, The Reference Booklet (RB). The Reference Booklet will be extremely helpful in Calculus and will help review already learned concepts, reinforce new concepts, and prepare students for concepts that require them to use their critical thinking skills.

The tabs to the right will help you find what you need. All documents are PDF (Adobe Reader) files so make sure you an open the properly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at jocelyn.thammavong@cravenk12.org

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